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Congregation Or Shalom
835 Darby Paoli Road
Berwyn, PA 19312
Tel: 610-644-9086


Kami Knapp Schechter

Andrew Levin

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Donations are welcome by check or Venmo

If donations are made by check, please mail your check with the below information to:

Congregation Or Shalom
835 Darby Paoli Road
Berwyn, PA  19312

Minimum Donations to all funds is $18.00 except where noted below

If donations are made via Venmo, please send an email to to provide the below information so we can acknowledgement your gift.




Fund #________Amount $________ Phone #___________________                          

Made in memory of________________________________________                         

Made in honor of__________________________________________                          

Speedy Recovery__________________________________________                          

Send acknowledgment to (include address) ____________________                            



  1. Building Fund: Donations are used for the continuous upkeep of our building. These funds help offset unexpected expenses such as A/C, Heater, roof repair and any emergency repairs to our facility. Requested minimum is $500.00


  1. Beautification Fund: Donations are used for the upkeep of our grounds. Trees, plants, mulch, etc.


  1. Biblical Garden Fund: Donations are used to maintain and support our biblical garden.


  1. General Fund: All monies donated to this fund will supplement the current year’s budget.


  1. Hebrew School: Funds are used for the needs of the Religious School. Examples: Bulletin boards, books and school supplies, etc.


  1. Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: The Rabbi uses these funds for charitable purpose. Donations to this fund can be made directly to the synagogue office.


  1. Social Action: Donations will be used for all social action events and programs. Any questions to this fund should be addressed to Gina Arlen at


  1. Tree of Life: A leaf can be purchased to honor or commemorate any important life event. The cost of a leaf is $180.00 which will be displayed in our foyer. For more information please contact office at 610-644-9086


  1. Yahrzeit Plaque: Two plaques can be purchased for $360.00. The first would be a permanent plaque on the back wall of the sanctuary. The second plaque would be placed during the week of the Yahrzeit on the memorial wall in the front of the sanctuary. Additional information will be requested when purchasing a plaque. Please contact Ellen Gross at for more information.


  1. Oneg: Celebrate With Or Shalom: A weekly (Friday) email where you can announce your birthday, wedding, anniversary, or Yahrzeit to your friends at Or Shalom.  Include a photo if you like.  $36 per message.


  1. Siddur Lev Shalem $50 each or 12 for $500.  Contact the office if you wish a book plate on your donation.