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Adult Education

Adult Education Classes begin November 6

Jewish Identity through Wordplay (An Amherst Writers and Artists Workshop)
Instructors: Rabbi Kami, Nancy Margolis
Session Dates: Sundays- November 6th, 13th, November 20th, December 4th, December 11th, and December 18th
Time: 10:30 am- 12:00 pm (nosh and drinks will be provided)
Hybrid: We encourage people to come in person as much as possible but accommodations will be made if you must attend by zoom
Please RSVP to the office by October 24th, 2022. Indicate whether you will be in-person or zoom (* in inclement weather we will be all zoom)
This Fall we have a special 6-week Adult Education Series! Join Nancy Margolis and Rabbi Kami as we discuss Jewish Identity through the workshop method of the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA).

What is Amherst Writers and Artists? Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) is a workshop method developed by writing teacher Pat Schneider in her book Writing Alone and With Others (Oxford University Press). AWA workshops follow a proven method that inspires participants to explore ideas through writing in a safe, welcoming, and confidential atmosphere. For more information about AWA, visit Nancy is an AWA facilitator and is certified to lead workshops in the AWA method. 
Together with Rabbi Kami, we will explore a different theme connected to Jewish Identity every week (for example: family/ ancestry, community, prayer/ connection with G-d, etc…). We will use articles, videos and texts to learn a bit about the theme before then moving into the AWA workshop.
In each session, we will:  

  • Write in response to prompts that trigger our memories and imaginations.  
  • Read what we’ve written to each other when we choose  
  • Respond with what we remember and like  
  • Hear, trust, and explore our individual voices  
  • Practice various elements of craft through specific exercises 
  • Have fun practicing the art of writing!   

This will be a six-session class. While we understand that you may not be able to attend every class, we do ask that you commit to attending a majority of classes, most importantly the first class. This workshop will be capped at 8 participants but if there is a greater demand we will accommodate and/or create a second cohort. 
Please join us for this unique and creative way of exploring Jewish education! We look forward to studying and writing with you!

Additional Option:
Join Rabbi Kami as we read the classic book As A Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg. Written in 1939, Steinberg’s novel about the life of Elisha Ben Abuya (a famous Talmudic Rabbi who was later excommunicated). As A Driven Leaf wrestles with the 2nd century Jewish struggle to reconcile Rabbinic Judaism with Greek Hellenistic society. The debate regarding assimilating into the larger non-Jewish society  is a topic all too familiar to 21st century Jews.
This class will focus on the content and themes of the book but also bring in information about the Talmudic period, Rabbinic Judaism (especially its early formation), and the cultural experience of 2nd century Jews. (*This class will not meet every week and will run through the entire year; If we finish the book earlier in the year we will begin another book)

Wednesday year long class: the 12-1 or 1-2 session would be hybrid (zoom and in person), 7-8 session is zoom only option. 
RSVP by October 24th with whether you prefer to meet on Wednesdays at: