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July 2015 Horizons

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Selihot Services will be held on Saturday night September 5 beginning at 9: 00 PM.  We will have a program (T.B.D) and refreshments prior to the service.

Sunday September 13, adult help will be needed to set up the Sanctuary and social hall for the High Holy Days.

Rosh Hashanah

Services for Erev Rosh Hashanah will begin at 8:00 PM on Sunday September 13.  Baby sitting will NOT be provided.

First Day Rosh Hashanah  Monday September 14:  services will begin at 9:00 AM.  Children Services will be held from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  Babysitting will be provided from 10AM to 1:30 PM **.  Tashlich will be held at Wilson Park beginning at 5:30 PM followed by Minchah/Maariv at Or Shalom beginning at 7:00 PM

Second Day Rosh Hashanah Tuesday September 15:  Services begin at 9:00 AM.  Minchah/Maariv will begin at 7:00 PM.  There will be no Children services nor babysitting

Yom Kippur

Kol Nidre will begin at 6:30 PM on Tuesday September 22  Babysitting T.B.D. ** There will be NO school that afternoon.

Yom Kippur Services will begin at 9:00 AM.  Yizkor will be recited after the Torah service.  Children’s services will be held from 10:30AM to 12:30PM.  Baby sitting will be provided from 10AM to 1:30PM.**  Minchah will begin at 5:15 PM and the Shofar will be blown to end Yom Kippur at approximately 7:30 PM



Sukkot and Simchat Torah

Erev Sukkot:  September 27–The school will meet beginning at 4:30 PM rather than in the morning. Maariv services for the entire community will begin at 6:30 PM followed by “Pizza in the Hut”. *** We expect to be finished at 7:30PM

Sukkot:  September 28 and 29–Morning Services will be held beginning at 9:00 AM.  School will be held at the regular time on Tuesday September 29 but it will be a special Sukkot related program.

Shemini Atzeret:  October 5–Morning Services will be held beginning at 9:00 AM.  Yizkor will be recited

Simchat Torah: October 5–Combined school and community event and services

5:00 PM  Rolling of the Torah so everyone can see every word in the Torah

5:25 PM Maariv services including a Procession of the Torah and an aliyah for all children.  A dessert buffet will be provided after services.  We expect to be finished by 7:00 PM

Tuesday October 6–Morning Services beginning at 9:00AM.  There will be no school that day.

**There will be a charge for babysitting and advance reservations will be required.

*** There will be a charge for Pizza dinner